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You are probably wondering:

  • How many estimates do you need?
  • Should you file a claim with your insurance or wait for the other party?
  • Do you have rental coverage?
  • Will the parts used on your vehicle be new or used and how will you even know?
  • Should this vehicle be totaled?
  • How will this affect the resale value?
  • My insurance company says I have to go to a "Direct Repair Facility" or a certain rental car company. Bring your estimate by Yates Body Shop for a comparison estimate. In today's economy EVERY dollar counts and we may be able to save you some money!
  • You DO have a choice, as the owner you are in control! We can tell you of your rights and help you make an informed decision.
  • Our shop manager researches to find the best price possible. This means you may be able to save some money!
  • Our staff is paid salary NOT commission on your vehicle. This means you can trust that no one is rushing through your repairs.

These questions and more are our expertise. We take the time to make sure our repairs are done correctly and safely, as quickly as possible. 

Need To Know Info:

  • What to do if you run off the shoulder of the road: Let the car come to a gradual stop if possible, especially in front wheel drive vehicles. If you jerk the steering wheel suddenly to get back on the road you run the risk of over correcting and wrecking.
  • Are you a member of the faculty or staff or a student at Central Hardin High School? If so, rest assured, Yates Body Shop averages 40 to 50 FREE service runs to Central Hardin each year. That means anytime you need a jump start or an unlock during regular business hours we can be there for you in a matter of minutes AT NO CHARGE.


Automobile Appraisals are offered by appointment only. It is advisable to have an automobile appraised for its value before it's purchased or insured. Doug Yates has 40+ years experience owning and appraising antique automobiles and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Our appraisals are honored by insurance companies and banks and are based on current market value and the Old Car Report Price Guides. We do offer appraisals at your location, fee based on distance.

Appraisal Fee: $50

Below you will find photos of our participation in an Accident Reenactment at Central Hardin High School in March of 2012. The vehicles collided due to drunk driving and driving while texting. Actors portray the vehicle's passengers. Some of the photos are graphic.